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Makeup Challenge
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Love recreating makeup looks you see in magazines or online? So do we.

Membership is open for now, and you don't have to post if you don't want to :)


When a new challenge is posted, you have usually a few weeks to get it done. There's no set schedule, depends on participation.
-You do NOT have to use the products used in the photo...hell, we probably won't even know exactly what they used anyway.
-You do NOT have to participate in every single one. You don't have to participate in any, you can just observe!
-The community isn't friends-only, but feel free to make your post friends-only. However, anybody who hasn't friended the community won't see it.

Friday night I will post a list of all the people who participated. You can then vote on who you think did the best job recreating the look.

The winner will get a spiffy Photoshopped banner for them to display proudly in their userinfo, journal, or framed on their desk at work next to their Employee of the Month certificate.

We are not here to do professional work. If you don't like what somebody does, don't comment. One strike and you're banned. It won't be tolerated.

This includes community promotions or any other promotions, questions, or anything that isn't your entry.

Have fun!



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